Automobile Photo Clipping Services We Offer

Having been in the photo clipping industry for over 2 decades now, we have gained enough experience to understand each client’s unique requirements and deliver customized services within a quick time. Some of the key automobile photo clipping services we offer include.

Automobile Photo Background Removal

Oftentimes, the images of automobiles clicked by professionals do not have a suitable background which makes the image look shabby. Our team of editors can help you remove any unwanted backgrounds and add a new suitable background for the automobile image and make them look attractive.

Automobile Image Clipping Services

It is always important for an automobile seller to showcase their vehicles in the best possible light. This is made possible by making use of image clipping for your automobile images. Our team can provide you with quality car image clipping services which will make the images look professional and natural.

Automobile Photo Shadow Services

Sometimes when the conditions are unsuitable for photography of automobiles, the images may not come out as expected and look dull and have dark areas. Our team of image editors can help you remove the shadows and clear the dark areas of the image and make them look bright and professional.

Car Image Retouching

We provide top-quality car photo retouching services at very cost-effective rates. The various retouching services we provide include clearing of scratches, creating missing car parts, adding text, removing stickers, etc.

Remove people/items

Remove unwanted objects from your product photo shoots to make them more appealing to your target audience. Our services include car image clipping, background removal, and background replacement solutions.

Car Wrap Design Services

CCPLBD offers creative car graphic design services that can help you market your products and services and gain more popularity, increasing your conversion rates. The reason why our car wrap design services are among the favorite advertising approaches is that it offers a range of benefits. Car wraps come in vinyl sheets and are easier to use when compared to the other alternatives like painting a car or using a liquid wrap.




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More Services

Car Photography Retouching Services We Provide

Want to show the speed, beauty and power of your car in the best light but do not know how? Trust your car photography retouching to CCPLBD and our car picture editors will improve your car photography fast and professionally.

Clipping path - from $6 per picture

If the background in your photo doesn’t match a car, our retouchers will remove it or replace it with another one.

Blur background - from $6 per picture

We will blur the background to emphasize the main subject and make the car look more attention-grabbing.

Background changing - from $6 per picture

A car photo editor will remove a distracting background that doesn’t fit the overall composition and replace it with either a single-color or more complex one.

High-end retouch - from $12 per picture

Our retouchers will enhance the overall look of the car by removing small imperfections and unnecessary reflections on the surface.                      

HDR effect - from $12 per picture

We will apply the HDR effect to add bright highlights to your car photo. FixThePhoto experts will enhance the colors in your pictures and give them a crispier and more eye-catching look.

Remove people/items - from $12 per object

To make your car photos look great, retouchers will remove unwanted elements that divert viewers’ attention from the main subject.


Recoloring - from $6 per picture

Our cars photo editors will seamlessly change the color of a car/vehicle so no one can guess that the picture has been edited.


Sky replacement - from $12 per picture

CCPLBD retouchers will replace the existing background in your car photo with a better one, edit the reflections on the windshield and further improve your picture to make it look more professional.


Car Photo Editing Samples

Every vehicle website must showcase all the best features of the vehicles. see the below car images that we have edited and you will love to make a deal with us.