Portrait Solutions We Offer

We offer an array of portrait services, which easily make us your one-stop-solution for all your portrait photograph editing needs. With that said, here are our offerings. Professional headshot retouching services to edit corporate, entertainment, modeling, and branded portraits for promotional material or for any business purpose. CCPLBD retouchers guarantee high-quality headshot editing at modest rates.

Enhancement Services

We can enhance your portrait images by removing blemishes, the smallest of spots, scars, and crop them to improve their composition. We also ensure the main subject receives maximum focus. Further, our offerings include brightness, contrast, color density, and color cast corrections.

Sepia Portrait Enhancement Services

Sepia Portrait Enhancement Services Our team can also convert your normal images into sepia portraits to give them a professional finish. With this, your images will have the perfect antique, vintage look minus any imperfections- both big and small.

Canvas Portrait Services

If you intend to transform normal images into high-quality artwork, our canvas portrait services can help you through detailed texturing so that every stroke looks very close to natural.

Fashion Portrait Services

Our fashion portrait services, while suitable for all, are significantly beneficial for aspiring and successful models. We perfect the skin tone, remove blemishes, and balance the color temperature of the images to make them look professional.

Couple Portrait Services

Couple Portrait Services We use professional tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to transform your raw portrait images into breathtaking photographs that perfectly represent your special moments.

Headshots Portrait Services

Headshots demand uncompromised perfection, and our portrait services give you just that. We enhance and retouch images to eliminate uneven skin tone, details that may be distracting, and dark spots.

Portrait Illustration Services

Our team of professional illustrators and photo editors offer realistic and immersive portrait illustration services that meet your expectations using the best tools.

Black and White Portrait Services

If you want your portrait photographs to have the vintage appeal, we can transform your colorful images into remarkable black and white images with no imperfections.

Vignette Portrait Services

Vignette portraits further add more emphasis on the main subject, and are an ideal choice to draw attention to special features, such as eyes and smile. With our portrait solutions, you can be assured that we will make your portraits look softer.

Specialized Enhancement Services

Our special enhancement services include adjusting the color and the brightness of your images to ensure they look their best. We also remove blemishes and spots so that the special features of the portrait gather complete attention.

Family Portrait Services

Your family photo album will have portrait images that take you back to the times with our professional editing and enhancements that make your memories fonder.

Wedding Portrait Services

Wedding Portrait Enhancement Services Your wedding portrait images will be social media-ready and have people awestruck as we make them look impeccable using tools to smooth your skin tone and draw focus to your wedding dress and suit.

Baby Portrait Services

Our baby portrait services deliver pixel-perfect outcomes as we enhance the images per your preference so that you can treasure your little one’s photographs forever.

Body Photo Editing Services

With our body photo editing services, we can aesthetically transform the models in your images as we reshape the face, remove cellulite, and take care of other enhancements to make the images more appealing.

More Services

Our Portrait Retouching Service Process

Transfer Raw Images

Inward transfer of raw images from client on defined FTP.

Work Instructions

Define and document editing instructions after client consultation.

Edit Images

Editors ensure right attention to detail and time is given.

Check Quality

Bulk images moved to QC bench for selective checks for quality.

Transfer Final Images

Final edited/processed images uploaded in client preferred format for review.


Optimized monitors, all raw files, image downloader, with unlimited revisions at no extra cost.








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Headshot Retouching Services We Provide

Skin smoothing and toning - from $6 per photo

Let us take care of the model’s skin and make it look healthy and smooth. We will get rid of visible defects, take care of blackheads and acne, remove dark circles and bags under the eyes, and set a proper tone based on the lighting pattern.

Teeth whitening & eye correction - $6 per photo

No matter how hard you try to capture a proper color of teeth and eyes during the corporate photoshoot at the studio, these areas require deep headshot retouching. FixThePhoto retouchers will remove the yellowish tint from the teeth and perform eye correction.

Basic headshot touch ups - $6 per photo

This business headshot editing service involves general improvement of a person’s face without ruining natural curves and forms. The result is a clearer headshot with a focus on the model.

Blemishes & scars removal - from $6 per photo

We will remove scars and facial blemishes with the help of advanced headshot editing tools. The natural texture of the skin, birthmarks, etc. aren’t damaged and overphotoshopped.

Clear background or make it blurred - from $6 per photo

While retouching headshots, we also edit the background area. Fixthephoto retouchers can delete distracting items, replace the background with a more suitable variant, as well as make it blurry.


Adjusting contrast & brightness - from $2.50 per photo

Correcting the contrast and brightness can make your business headshots more vivid or even mute the tones for a more subdued feel. Send us your headshot photos, explain what effect your business images should have and we will edit them to meet your requirements.

Overall improvement of facial features - from $6 per photo

Our retouchers will enhance your model’s facial features without distorting his/her natural lines. We will define the lips line, make eyes more noticeable, straighten a nose, accentuate cheekbones, make the forehead smaller, etc.

Braces removal - $12 per photo

Fixthephoto offers braces removal to make your model’s smile amazing. When painting over the braces, the retouchers sample colors of the teeth and make them look three-dimensional to avoid all unrealistic tone transitions.

Applying digital make-up - from $12 per photo

We can naturally highlight eyes and lips without using flashy colors, remove under-eye circles, inflammation, wrinkles, signs of fatigue, etc. For all business portraits, you need to have the most neutral makeup. While editing headshots we’ll avoid aggressive colors and shadows.

Glass glare removal - from $12 per person

We know how to remove glare and reflections for glasses without blurring the area around the eyes and losing the original eye details. The business headshots will look neat and professional.

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