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Enhance the visual impact of your properties and increase the conversions ratio with our HD-quality images. Our real estate image editing services include. We have skilled image editors who understand client requirements and deliver a wide array of services.

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Fashion Photo Editing

CCPLBD is a market-leading eCommerce photo retouching service in clothing and model photo editing. Some of the most common services used by studios and creative directors in fashion photo editing.

Grocery & Beverages Photo Editing

Product photo retouching services make the product look clean, attractive, and fresh. For the same reason, many online grocery stores use ccplbd’s product image editing services. Some of the most common services they opt for.

Aesthetic Image Editing

Our eCommerce image editing experts apply various effects that create depth and dimension and accentuate your products with aesthetic properties. Lighting adjustments create mirrored finishes, fix exposure issues, or add shadow for dimensionality, giving merchandise a higher quality appearance.

Amazon, Ebay Photo Editing

High-quality image attracts customers and sells more in Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, ASOS E-commerce stores. If you want to increase selling your product on Amazon, eBay, or any online store. We will give your product images an awesome look which will increase your product sell a lot more than the competitor.

Furniture Photo Editing

Be it a simple chair or a chandelier that steals the show. CCPLBD product photo editing services for eCommerce is the best choice. Some of the most common product image services used by studios and online brands.

Editorial Photo Editing

CCPLBD has been the secret formula for many high-end lookbooks and magazines. For eCommerce, we create banners that showcase products and hold customers’ attention. Some of the most common services that creative editorial directors choose.

Lifestyle Photo Editing

Our eCommerce photo editing services simplify and remove the clutter from and alters the backgrounds to meet customized requests suitable for featuring products in realistic settings or for product demonstrations. Photo Backgrounds are cleaned, simplified, replaced, or retouched to enhance the focal point.

Still Life Photography Editing

We will create a photo package that you can use on websites, social media, webshop, or other means of promotion. This photo package can include product photos, still-life and lifestyle photos, studio photos, or a mix of all. I will tell your brand's story through color scheme, light, enviroument, aesthetics, and mood that we will choose together.

More Services

Our Photo Clipping Path Service Process

Transfer Raw Images

Inward transfer of raw images from client on defined FTP.

Work Instructions

Define and document editing instructions after client consultation.

Edit Images

Editors ensure right attention to detail and time is given.

Check Quality

Bulk images moved to QC bench for selective checks for quality.

Transfer Final Images

Final edited/processed images uploaded in client preferred format for review.


Optimized monitors, all raw files, image downloader, with unlimited revisions at no extra cost.








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Product Photography Retouching Services We Provide

Photo retouching and cleaning

We offer basic photo retouching, improving colors, removing inky shadows and fixing white balance to make sure your product images will bring financial profit. Cleaning is another step that is necessary for removing all distracting elements.

Ghost mannequin technique

To give buyers a better idea of how particular clothes will look when they wear them, we use different 3D effects. The most popular technique is called the Ghost Mannequin and we can easily do that with your product images.

Adding shadows & reflections

Shadows play a huge role in how buyers perceive products. When we retouch product photos, we try to preserve a realistic look and this involves fixing shadows. Another important adjustment is reflections. This is especially important for objects with a glass surface.

Recoloring elements

If you have several similar products that differ in color, you can take a photo of one item and then order our product recoloring services. We make sure all colors look bright but without a “flashy effect”.

Clipping path/masking

If you need to cut out your product from the original background, you can take advantage of our clipping path services. Our retouchers work accurately to save all product proportions and shapes.

Rotation and resizing

Rotation helps show products from different angles, while resizing allows accentuating particular items that may interest buyers. People really want to get as much visual information about the product as possible, and we will provide them with those details.

Background removal

This is one of the most important stages of ecommerce image editing. We can remove a neutral background and replace it with a pure white or even transparent backdrop. We will alter the original background, depending on your requirements and the standards set by a particular online trading platform.

Reshaping, liquifying and fixing symmetry

Reshaping can show more details about the product. The liquifying technique makes it possible to push or pull specific pixels without losing quality. We also use professional product retouching tools for improving symmetry to make your products look great.

Creative product photo editing

We work with color temperature profiles, improve vibrancy to capture the attention of your buyers, get rid of noise, adjust the contours of the product and perform stitching to make your ecommerce images look perfect.

Edit glossy and glass products - from 12$ per photo

Our retouchers use only professional techniques to naturally correct reflections, clean the glass & glossy objects from smudges, smears, dirt, fingerprints. Ask our managers to find out the price for such high-quality product retouching.

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