Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Enhance the visual impact of your properties and increase the conversions ratio with our HD-quality images. Our real estate image editing services include. We have skilled image editors who understand client requirements and deliver a wide array of services.

Removal of major spots & camera flashes

Replacing Colors

Removal of undesired objects

Adjusting curves & levels

Adjusting brightness & contrast

Cropping & Rotation

HDR image blending

360-degree virtual tours

Enhancing Still Real Estate Images

In a rush to sell properties, house owners often click subpar images with poor lighting. For real estate companies, it is a task to enhance them professionally. Let our experts adjust the stills and making ready-to-publish.

HDR Real Estate Image Blending Services

The ideal property image should be well-exposed, but natural settings may affect luminosity. To fix the lighting on the photographs, we use multiple exposure blending. With our HDR image blending services, real estate businesses can enhance their image bucket to enhance sales.

Color Cast Removal Solutions

We remove unnecessary color tints; we adjust the white balance. We make your real estate photos look natural and professional. We use the best color correction techniques to boost property visibility and business performance.

Drone-clicked Photo Editing Services

We let our clients take advantage of natural light to enhance real estate photos; we navigate a variety of shots and angles to add proficiency to drone-clicked pictures. Our drone photo editing for real estate includes color correction, shadows and highlights, image cropping, and background and object removal.

Real Estate Panorama and Stitching Services

Our seamless 360-degree panoramic image stitching helps entice your potential customers. We help our clients with image cropping and rotation, full view stitching, horizontal and vertical image stitching, brightness and contrast correction, and unwanted object removal.

360-Degree Virtual Real Estate Tour Creation

Nothing enriches your property listings like 360-degree virtual tours. Leverage our services to boost your click-through rate and grow your business. Our services keep your users engaged; we give you a competitive edge in the industry.

Sky Replacement Services

Dull skies take the appeal away from your real estate photos. It diminishes your prospects and lowers your chances of selling. Transform that with our sky amplifying services; we brighten up the skies in your images irrespective of the lightning in the photos.

Perspective Correction for Real Estate

We remove irregularities and correct perspective distortions in your real estate photos. If required, we can also recover and restore the actual outlines. We render a professional outcome to your photoshoot; we enhance your online visibility.

2D/3D Floor Plans Conversions

2D Floor plans provide a topological view of properties, while 3D floor plans highlight intricate details on walls, doors, windows, furniture, and flooring. Both are essential to close real estate purchases. We help develop accurate 2D and 3D floor plans for clients.

Real Estate Image Enhancement

We use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, PTGUI, and other editing software to ensure that your real estate images stand out from the pool of other photos. We leverage precise enhancement techniques to produce quality outcomes.

Real Estate Image Stitching Services

Unable to provide your potential buyers with a comprehensive view of your real estate holdings? Get our skilled professionals to create panoramas, VR 360, QTVR, and more using the latest image stitching techniques.

Real Estate Image Correction Services

Our team corrects linear and textual perspective distortions as well as asymmetrical and irregular geometric distortions of panoramic images without impacting the quality.

More Services

Our Photo Clipping Path Service Process

Transfer Raw Images

Inward transfer of raw images from client on defined FTP.

Work Instructions

Define and document editing instructions after client consultation.

Edit Images

Editors ensure right attention to detail and time is given.

Check Quality

Bulk images moved to QC bench for selective checks for quality.

Transfer Final Images

Final edited/processed images uploaded in client preferred format for review.


Optimized monitors, all raw files, image downloader, with unlimited revisions at no extra cost.








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Real Estate Photo Editing Services We Provide

Day to dusk - from $4 per photo

Our retouchers will replace an existing background with a white one to make your product photos look more professional. Your images will meet the most recent e-commerce photo requirements.


Item removal

We know how to remove distracting items from a real estate photo in order to give it a more appealing look. Just define what you want us to get rid of and receive a professional interior or exterior photo in less than a day.

Sky replacement

Our retouchers can replace an overcast, overexposed or washed-out sky. We have a large collection of sky and clouds overlays that look realistic. Regardless of the sky look you want to get in real estate photos, we’ll bring your ideas to life.

Lawn retouch

We know how to remove distracting items from a real estate photo in order to give it a more appealing look. Just define what you want us to get rid of and receive a professional interior or exterior photo in less than a day.

Dust & garbage edit

This kind of real estate image editing requires absolute attention to the tiniest details and the understanding of how to fill empty spaces. We have been offering these image editing services for many years and can guarantee the best result possible.

TV image replacement

Few people really think that a working TV in the frame can spoil the look of interior images. As practice shows, buyers get distracted by the picture on the screen and pay little attention to what really matters. Don’t repeat this mistake and order TV image replacement service from FixThePhoto.

HDR Bracketing with Indoor Window Replacement

HDR real estate photo editing will improve your property photos, make colors dynamic and bright. Fixthephoto retouchers will edit your property photos giving them a detailed, vibrant and crisp look. We will blend several real estate images with varying exposures into 1 photo with a proper brightness & contrast balance.

Brightness and contrast adjustment

Incorrect contrast and brightness settings can ruin even the most elaborate interior design composition. We can take care of such issues and give your property images a well-balanced look.