Wedding Photo Editing Services

Wedding photographers, studios, and production houses often dwindle under the peak season workload. With the sheer volume of wedding images comes the inevitable: bottlenecks, overtime, unbearable stress, low morale, and backlogs. Break the clutter, keep up your productivity, and say no to dissatisfied clients and mediocre outcomes. Entice your clients and keep them coming with our HD-quality wedding photography post-processing services.

Wedding Photo Post-processing

Sometimes due to some unfavorable conditions, the wedding photos may not come out the way it is expected. We, at Outsource2india, can help you with the wedding photo post-processing, including wedding photo color correction and make the images look completely natural and realistic.

Black and White Photography To Trend

Black and white was being used only for artistic shots in the past, but this trend has been slowly changing with time. Last year we saw the comeback of black and white photography and this year we will see more people using this technique in marriage photography. Black and white images remove the focus from the variation in the composition and prompt the viewer to concentrate on the moment captured.

Wedding Drone Photo Editing

Drone image editing has become one of the most popular methods of shooting weddings. Editing these drone images can be tricky and need special skills. Our team of photo editors has the required skills and tools to edit the wedding drone photos within a quick time.

Raw Wedding Photo Conversion

Most of the wedding photographers click images in the raw format which can be edited at a later stage. Our team of image editors can use these raw images and convert them into stunning pieces of art and create ever-lasting memories of your wedding.

Wedding Image Airbrushing

Are you looking to convert old photos into new looking images? Airbrushing can help you convert old, sketchy images into works of photography and art. Our team has the required airbrushing skills to edit your wedding images in a highly professional manner.

Wedding Image Restoration

Some of the old wedding photos may turn dull, moldy, stained, spotted, scratched, folded, cracked, or blurry with time. We can help you convert these images into brand new looking images within a quick turnaround time.

Our Wedding Photo Editing Service Process

Transfer Raw Images

Inward transfer of raw images from client on defined FTP.

Work Instructions

Define and document editing instructions after client consultation.

Edit Images

Editors ensure right attention to detail and time is given.

Check Quality

Bulk images moved to QC bench for selective checks for quality.

Transfer Final Images

Final edited/processed images uploaded in client preferred format for review.

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Wedding Photo Editing Services We Provide

Culling & color correction - from $0.06 per photo

Send us numerous photos from a wedding and we will select the most successful shots, improve colors and get rid of distracting objects. A pure white bride’s dress and vibrant tones of the background are guaranteed.

Marriage photo retouching - from $2.50 per photo

We start with basic wedding photo edits, namely, remove skin defects, enhance the texture, whiten teeth, and then proceed with the deeper photo adjustments – Dodging and Burning, split toning, airbrushing, etc.

Background replacement/removal - $12 per photo

Our wedding photo editing specialists can completely change the mood of your marriage images by changing the background. Either you want us to simply enhance it or replace it with a totally new one, Fixthephoto will make all the changes as realistic as possible.

Remove/add objects or people - from $12 per object

To place the newlyweds in the center of photo composition, we will realistically remove distracting objects or people in the frame. Retouchers can do the opposite wedding photo editing and fill the composition with additional objects at your request.

Clothes editing/wrinkles removal - from $6 per photo

We will edit the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit to detect all defects and remove them in Photoshop. You won’t see any wrinkles on the clothes after we edit bridal photos.

Make-up adjustment - $12 per photo

Retouchers can refresh the make-up, which may lose its original look after several hours of the wedding ceremony. We will make the colors of the lips brighter, highlight eyes, apply blush and eyeshadow. Particular make-up editing requirements are accepted.

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